Snap a pic and ask a question. Real time answers from your social network of friends.

Take a pic and ask a question. Question is published to your Facebook profile and displayed in your Facebook friends feed and/or sent to your Twitter followers, Tumblr and DailyBooth blogs for an answer. No new accounts! Logon with your Facebook user/pass by selecting the "Connect with Facebook" button above.

Friends answers matter

Shopping for that dress? Trying to sell a video game? Want to know if you should ask that girl out? QpixL makes it easy to tap your friends for their advice.

Pics and Question from iPhone, Email or QpixL website to social networks

Post a question and picture from your iPhone, emailing to ask@QpixL.com or right from the QpixL website to Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/DailyBooth in a few easy steps. Friends answer and results flow back to your Profile.

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