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my ray-ray is felling better! - he has to sleep outside cuz he's sick- :(

Q#: 1030 posted on Thursday, June 6, 2013 7:52 PM

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Stilts:“[Danger]’s spreading this rumor that she’s prgneant by Ray, so she obviously is crying for a lot of attention…To me, this whole thing is a big publicity stunt. I don’t feel like she’s gonna go the whole nine months if she is prgneant. I feel like something’s mysteriously going to happen that makes her not prgneant anymore. The girl, I think she has issues.”I TOTALLY AGREE! I THINK IT'S A HUGE PUBLICITY STUNT!I also don't think Danger is as dangerous as the show has made her out to be!
all poor RAY!- Lauren_sprows (via iPhone)