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like my hair do

Q#: 1022 posted on Monday, May 20, 2013 7:51 PM

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What's your best ab workout rnotiue? My stomach is my problem area. I would love a little help. Also, what's a great inner thigh workout? I do squats, leg extensions, and leg curls a lot. But my inner thigh is still a problem area. [url=]yvytnxpf[/url] [link=]mghkukt[/link] -Frederick (via Web) -9/14/2014 9:29 PM
Hey Danica! I came up with a few questions :)Besides ruinnng, what other hobbies do you have?Are you going to be ruinnng Long Beach 1/2 or full this year?You seem so confident and free spirited, did you ever struggle with confidence? Your job seems so awesome. But what did you want to be when you were in college? Did you think you would end up in the field you're in, or did you have totally different ideas for a career? -Malvis (via Web) -9/14/2014 3:54 AM
Lauren no offense but u always have it like that (via iPhone)